Canada Lands Company

Crown Corporation

20,000 SF
Location: Toronto

Canada Lands Company is a self-financing, federal Crown corporation that specializes in real estate, development and attractions management. The company’s goal in all it does is to produce the best possible benefit for Canadian communities and the Government of Canada.

The Real Estate Giant recently made a shift into new space that would allow them to be more efficient with their space while giving their employees brighter, more open space with various open lounges in which to collaborate. In order to make the most of their real estate, there was a move to a mainly open-office configuration. A select number of glass-fronted private offices allow 100% of the exterior light penetrate into the center of the space while framing the stunning views of the City and Waterfront. The warm hospitality feel of this new workplace is balanced with its high-performance Technology to create a comfortable yet highly sophisticated workplace.

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354 Davenport Road, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1K6



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