Iconic Energy Drink’s Canadian Headquarters

Moving People and Ideas

Location: Toronto

iN Studio was commissioned by the iconic energy drink company to develop a design for their new Canadian Headquarters. We worked closely with their core team to develop an efficient, future-directed program. One consistent request was that the brand must remain subtle, yet clearly evoke the essence of the company and its culture.

The idea of kinetic movement and its reciprocal effect is portrayed throughout the space, a concept that is closely tied to the corporate mission of moving people and ideas. This notion is boldly illustrated with the “Vortex” that envelops the central spine of circulation, emphasizing free flow of movement while providing a unique place of interaction. To highlight the dimension of the space and create a dramatic light and shadow effect, a patterned array of LED channels was incorporated into the angled facets of walls, floor, and ceiling.

The dynamic and energetic nature of the space filters into the open-plan workspace, a fluid and flexible environment that is a reflection of this forward-thinking company.

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