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19,000 SF
Location: Toronto

Drawing inspiration from Yorkville’s Coffee House Era of the 1960’s – a time and place that launched the careers of music legends, iN STUDIO’s design puts the talent at the center of the action. This new environment is not only a bright and comfortable workspace for 150+ staff, but it is also a touchdown space, a performance venue and a recording studio for Sony’s artists. Visitors arrive into a striking space that marries the vintage feel of Liberty Village with the energy of the music industry. Beyond the glass doors, the highly collaborative workspace is fully outfitted with height adjustable workstations and fully ergonomic seating, creating an environment that is conducive to wellness and ultimate productivity.

The “Coffee House”, a central collaborative hub that occupies almost one quarter of the floor space acts both as a client center as well as a lounge space for Sony’s workforce. With its sweeping views of Lake Ontario, this multi-functional space not only hosts daily meals and casual meetings, but also acts as a performance space for artists. iN STUDIO worked alongside a highly skilled team of Acoustic Engineers to ensure clarity of sound, as well as its com-partmentalization, allowing all spaces to operate simultaneously. From the highly specialized Recording Studio to the open work area – all zones were carefully engineered to optimize acoustic quality.

Sony’s new Canadian headquarters is as much about the latest in technology and engineering, as it is about creating a warm and comfortable space, an ambiance that reflects the authenticity of Sony Music’s brand.

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